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“The government has protested against this decision and is in ongoing discussions with Twitter to attempt to get access to this data,” a Home Office spokesman said.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman declined to specify exactly what the data was and why it was important, saying only that “we wish to have access to this information”.

But he told reporters: “The fight against terrorism is not just one for the police and the security services. Social media and tech companies have a role to play.”

Twitter has blocked financed “national secret agent facilities from using a strong social media monitoring tool after public records shown the authorities had exceptional access to users’ tips for contentious surveillance attempts ”.

The ACLU’s records would supply social media surveillance tools to any federal, state or local government entities and prompted the firms to declare that Dataminr had terminated accessibility for a great many fusion facilities.

The authorities facilities are partnerships between agencies which work to gather vast levels of info purportedly to assess risks that are “ ”.

“The info they gather is frequently about folks that are innocent.”

The revelations about the possible cooperation between private technology firms and the authorities facilities are especially alarming given heightened concerns about mass surveillance under President elect Donald Trump.

Records the ACLU got uncovered that a fusion facility in southern California had accessibility to Dataminr’s “geospatial evaluation program”, which enabled the authorities to do location-based tracking in addition to searches tied to key words. That means the facility could use Dataminr to seek billions of tweets and track organizations or particular demographics.

Twitter has been quite clear with my CEO: ‘Dataminr is the sole firm with complete, unrestricted accessibility.’”

In a a blog Twitter executive Chris Moody said programmers supported to make products that used real time information from the social network “ for example tracking crises and natural disasters, in the public interest”.

“Recent reports about Twitter information used for surveillance, nevertheless, have caused us great anxiety,” he wrote.

He stated that profiling or monitoring activists or protesters was “totally unacceptable and forbad including via Twitter’s program software applications.

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