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iMessage is a famous messaging app for Apple devices. Most of our users asking for, is there a way to use iMessage on Windows PC?

Finally, We have decided to help those friends use iMessage on Windows. With the fresh updates to iMessage, many iPhone and other iDevice users want access to iMessage on their Windows computers, so chatting with friends and family continues on all types of devices–at home and work. So how do we get iMessage talking on ALL our machines?. Therefor Team MalluHacks developed a iMessage on PC downloader which downloads iMessage for Windows computer and automatically installs it and makes it usable as it was a MAC computer!. We tested this method on various Windows operation systems such as Windows 7, 8 and 10. Our team check for bugs and problems everyday for iMessage on PC downloader. This tool using a dedicated MAC application emulator.

Download iMessage on PC downloader software from below link and use your favorite iMessage app on your Windows OS. Feel free to let us know if you would have any questions, comments or concerns about our software. Thank you!

Download iMessage on PC

System Requirements:

When you are running iMessage on PC, you need to maintain some technical specifications, which would be synchronizing well with the iMessage requirements. You need to make sure first that your PC is well compatible, learning about the specs help you be assured whether your system will be compatible with the app or not.

The Windows version has to be XP/7/8/vista.
PC must be having at least 2GB RAM.
The CPU should be having single core 1Ghz or the higher version
You will be requiring a microphone and headset connected you need to be using built-in speakers and microphone.
You need a webcam to be connected to your PC.
The internet must be having at least Bandwidth of 512 kbps

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